From a cave woman in China where her only shelters were underground holes to modern day New Zealand. Weijun is without question one of the most resilient personalities of our time. Her story is a gritting account of determination and spirit of survival

Author of “Desert Rose”, Weijun entrances her audiences with a spellbound talk about facing challenges positively against adversity, and becoming a winner against all odds.

Weijun was born in China. She has come through the turmoil period of the Cultural Revolution. She is an independent thinker, humorous and inspiring with deep vision and a profound message born out of chaos and depair.

Her story is quite remarkable but then again Weijun is a remarkable person. The “cultural revolution” set out to break the spirit of everyone who wanted to be strong but they could never break Weijun.

Weijun lives with her husband and family in Auckland, New Zealand and is inspiring audiences with her story. She came to New Zealand in 1986 for a year and returned in 1995 to join her eldest daughter, Enya. Her husband, Ian, is a professor at the University of Auckland and Weijun has also taught at university level; she was an English tutor at Qindao University from 1989 to 1993.

Wejun’s mother had originally wished to write her own memoirs to help her understand her past and heal emotionally. But the consequences of such actions, of speaking openly, within a harsh political regime, in China, was such that her mother never wrote the book. Now living in New Zealand Weijun has the opportunity and freedom to tell this wonderful story. Her autobiography, “Desert Rose”, is a tribute to her mother, a book for future generations, and a sober reminder of the precious gift of freedom.