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Official Programme:


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Opening07 Friday06:30PMMayors Helen Worboys and Grant Smith
Prof Chris Gallavin
Dr Jenny Lawn
Zak Rogers
Lesley Marshall
Fielding LibraryA lineup of speakers and entertainment will be part of celebrating the second Manawatu Writers’ Festival. The lineup may look a lot of speakers; however, the idea is to offer the opening night audience a variety of interesting views, in an entertaining and thought provoking programme.
Writing Family History08 Saturday09:00 - 1:00PMJulie McDonald
Pip Desmond
Christine Pointon
Lucy Alabaster
Adele Broadbent
Coach House Museum
In this full morning session, speakers will talk about the various aspects of writing family history. Writers will talk about their approach to writing family history, and the potential for a writer’s own personal journey of discovery as the individual stories of their families unfold. Different approaches to writing and information about research resources will be discussed.
Please read my script08 Saturday10:00 - 11:30PublicFielding Little TheatreAspiring playwrights can hear actors read excerpts from their new scripts, so they can hear how the dialogue sounds, ask questions of the readers and perhaps get some helpful feedback.(Three pages of script must be submitted prior to the Festival session date.)
Graphic Novels and Comics08 Saturday11:00 - 12:20Barbara Potsema
Sarah Laing
Dylan Horrocks
Fielding LibraryBarbara Potsema, Sarah Laing and Dylan Horrocks discuss NZ comics and talk about their books.
Delivering the Poem08 Saturday12:00PM - 01:30PMSebastian HalesFielding Little TheatreSebastian Hales presents a ‘find your voice’ workshop to help poets and spoken-word performers to effectively use that powerful instrument, Voice – addressing Pace, breathing, and confidence. Great for those who want more confidence or would like to know how to use their voice to better effect.
Steampunk Mystery and Magic08 Saturday01:30PM - 02:45PMGareth WardFielding LibraryIn this session Gareth Ward will talk about his multi-award winning novel, The Traitor and the Thief and what it took to get to where he is today as an author. He will take questions on writing Steampunk.
Writing Erotica with Elegance08 Saturday01:00PM - 02:45PMStephanie JohnsonAmajen Function Room FeildingWriters (and readers) often wonder where the line is drawn between erotica and pulp porn. This workshop, presented by author Stephanie Johnson looks at the difference between portraying sensuality and sex in this session on writing erotica with elegance.
Novels Set in Small Town NZ08 Saturday09:30 - 10:30Tina ShawFielding LibraryNovelist Tina Shaw says NZ’s small towns are potentially great settings for novels. There’s a perception that small town settings have to be set in America, and it simply isn’t true. New Zealand has some great backdrops for novelists.
What Makes a Poem Good?08 Saturday02:30PM - 03:45PMJack RossFielding Little TheatreIs poetry so subjective that we don’t know whether it is any good. How can it be measured? Dr Jack Ross, editor of NZ Poetry Yearbook and other poetry anthologies, will throw some light on the issue or light a fire…
Is My Manuscript Ready?08 Saturday03:00PM - 04:00PMNorman BilbroughFielding LibraryShould your manuscript get a health check before publishing? Literary assessor Norman Bilbrough explains the difference between a literary assessor and an editor, and how a literary assessor can help develop your work so it’s ready to be presented to a publishing company or an agent.
Go Girl08 Saturday04:00PM - 05:00PMBarbara ElseFielding LibraryAuthor Barbara Else was awarded the Margaret Mahy Medal for services to children’s literature. In this session, Barbara discusses her popular book Go Girl in the context of contemporary children’s literature.
What Editors Are Looking For08 Saturday04:00PM - 05:00PMLesley MarshallFielding LibraryLesley Marshall has been critiquing and editing fiction and non-fiction for more than twenty-five years. The point of editing to make sure that readers enjoy the writing we’ve created. Lesley says that while she looks out for typos and spelling mistakes, punctuation, errors in grammar and clumsy sentences, she takes note pf the author’s style and individual voice.
NZ Crime Fiction08 Saturday07:30PM -Joanne Drayton
Tina Shaw
Nikki Crutchley
Paul Thomas
Fielding Little TheatreAcclaimed author, Joanne Drayton is joined by crime fiction writers Nikki Crutchley and Paul Thomas, with novelist Tina Shaw, discuss the popularity of NZ Crime Fiction, from world acclaimed New Zealand author, Dame Ngaio Marsh to the evolution of NZ contemporary crime fiction. This will be an intriguing evening for readers of the genre and upcoming crime writers – with readings, performance and lively discussion with opportunities for audience participation and questions answered.
Have-A-Go Poetry Open Mic Indoor Picnic08 Saturday01:30PM - 02:15PMPublicFielding Little TheatreGive it a try
Morning Tea with Peter Wells09 Sunday09:30 - 10:30Peter WellsFielding LibraryPeter Wells is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, and a writer/director in film. His fiction looks at a world of secrets, identity, subterfuge and illusion, frequently using the lens of a gay narrator. His first book, Dangerous Desires, won the Reed Fiction Award, the NZ Book Award, and PEN Best New Book in Prose in 1992. His memoir won the 2002 Montana NZ Book Award for Biography, He is co-founder of the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. In 2006, Wells was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to literature and film.
So You Want To Be A Successful Romance Writer?09 Sunday10:45 - 12:30Bronwyn EvansFielding LibraryA surprising number of NZ Romance novelists are successful overseas. Romance Writers of New Zealand president, Bronwyn Evans is one of them. In this session, she talks about what it takes and debunks some myths about the genre.
Children's Writing09 Sunday10:45 - 12:30Barbara ElseFielding LibraryBarbara Else talks about her latest book, ‘Go Girl – A Storybook of Epic NZ Women’, shot straight to the top of the bestseller charts. Some of the amazing women whose stories you will find in this book are Dame Whina Cooper, Janet Frame, Farah Palmer, Lucy Lawless, Kate Sheppard, Nancy Wake, Sophie Pascoe, Margaret Mahy, Lydia Ko, Merata Mita, Lorde, Rita Angus, Te Puea Herangi — and many more. This is a book that should be on the bedside table of every Kiwi girl, from age seven to one hundred and seven.
What is Creative Non-Fiction09 Sunday12:30 - 01:30PMThom ConroyFielding LibraryAn opportunity to get questions answered. Thom Conroy discusses what constitutes creative non-fiction and how it relates to other non-fiction writing.
Joanne Drayton On The Search For Anne Perry09 Sunday01:00PM - 02:00PMJoanne DraytonFielding LibraryIn 1954 an obsessive relationship between two teenaged girls leads to a murder that shocks Christchurch and the nation. When biographer, Joanne Drayton tracked down crime writer, Anne Perry, she was invited into a hidden life. Joanne Drayton shares the interviews that lead to the book, The Search for Anne Perry.
The Reader's Interest - The Importance Of Pace09 Sunday01:30PM - 02:30PMLesley MarshallFielding LibraryFor a reader, the difference between a boring book and one that’s hard to put down, is often a matter of Pace. Editor and mentor, Lesley Marshall discusses Pace as one of the finer points of the writer’s craft.
Let's Not Drown In Research!09 Sunday02:45PM - 03:45PMThom ConroyFielding LibraryResearch can be fascinating and infuriating. over-researching can be a real stumbling block to making progress on a writing project. Senior lecturer in Creative Writing, Thom Conroy looks at how we can pull ourselves out and get on with the project.
Discovering Optimism Through Writing09 Sunday02:45PM - 03:30PMJan PryorFielding LibraryAuthor Jan Pryor talks about the healing power of writing. ‘After Alexander’ is a story of triumph over loss, and of optimism offered from a non-religious perspective. Jan Pryor offers hope to parents who have lost a child, to those who fear losing a child, and to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one.
Getting Your Manuscript to the Finishline09 Sunday04:00PM - 05:30PMCraig Cliff
Carole Brungar
Norman Bilbrough
Dave Hayward
Fielding LibraryIn this session, Craig Cliff, Carole Brungar, and Norman Bilbrough, Dave Haywood talk about what it takes to work through a major writing project to completion. There’s more than one ‘right way’ to achieve the goal. Aimed to inspire aspiring writers to meet the challenges and get the manuscript done.
Balancing Act09 Sunday11:00 - 12:00Enya ChaddertonP.N. LibraryChinese born author and poet, Enya Chadderton knows the challenges faced by creative women
who juggle family life as a working mother while writing creatively in two languages. Enya is an
accountant, a film script writer and a movie producer, whose poetry book in Chinese was a best
seller in China In 2017.
A Book Seller's Perspective On Readers' Trends And Selling Books09 Sunday12:30 - 01:30PMBruce McKenzieP.N. LibraryChinese born author and poet, Enya Chadderton knows the challenges faced by creative women who juggle family life as a working mother while writing creatively in two languages. Enya is an accountant, a film script writer and a movie producer, whose poetry book in Chinese was a best seller in China In 2017.
Brigit Williams - Publisher09 Sunday01:45PM - 02:45PMBrigit WilliamsP.N. LibraryBrigit Williams speaks about her decades as an independent New Zealand publisher, producing some of the best NZ non-fiction authors. Among the accolades for the calibre of her service to New Zealand authors, Brigit Williams was awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to book publishing, and Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to publishing.
Fighting On All Fronts: What It Takes For Writing To Change Anything09 Sunday03:00PM - 04:40PMMax RashbrookeP.N. LibraryJournalist, author, academic and researcher, Max Rashbrooke is a senior associate of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, with research interests in wealth inequality and open government. As a journalist, he has written for outlets in Britain and New Zealand including the Guardian, the National Business Review and Metro. He has twice been the recipient of the Bruce Jesson Senior Journalism Award.
Free To Write - Readings From Writers And Poets Starting Life In NZ09 Sunday04:30PM - 06:30PMLesley MarshallP.N. LibraryThis session is chaired by author, editor and representative of PEN International (NZ), Lesley Marshall. Writers among new immigrants of diverse nationalities and ethnicities share their stories about dis-location and relocation. Now free to write their opinions, they read stories of their histories, and the process of making a home after leaving a place where life was uncertain. Many find that writing the narrative of their experiences and challenges helps healing – opening new horizons and moving forward with new peace.
Print-making Workshop10 Monday10:00 - 12:00John & Alison BrebnerHomeprint Studio FeildingPoets and writers interesting in learning print making techniques for producing heritage art books, have the opportunity to learn the art at John and Alison Brebner’s Homeprint studio offers two introduction workshops to letterpress printing.
The Nature of Love and War- Poetry10 Monday10:30 - 12:00PMRobert TaylorFielding LibraryThis morning tea poetry session at Feilding Library will present a lineup of poets reading original poems on juxtaposed themes of love and war.
Poets from Wanganui RSA are joined by local poets and others reading original poetry.
Through The Kitchen Window - Nz History Through Food10 Monday12:30 - 02:00PMDavid VeartDenbigh Hotel FieldingSocial historian and archaeologist, author, David Veart has an interesting slant on New Zealand’s social history through food and cookery, from calf-heads and kina of the 1920s, to Thai curries and fusion cooking of today. KIWI LUNCH MEAL MENU $10
Everyday Objects As Creative Prompts For Writing10 Monday12:30 - 01:30PMVal MillsDenbigh Hotel FeildingLooking for somewhere to start your manuscript or for that magic moment when you feel inspired? Local historian Val Mills has some clues to find inspiration. Memoirists, family historians, and biographers may find this approach inspiring and useful.
Short Story Writing - Writing Stories That Stick10 Monday01:45PM - 03:00PMCraig CliffFielding LibraryCraig Cliff, prize-winning short story writer and author presents a workshop on how to transform ideas into short stories that stay with readers long after they get to the last line. Following a group exercise, there will be time to consider your own work. Participants are invited to bring one short example (3 pages max) along to the workshop.
Write As You Go - Travel Writing10 Monday02:45PM - 03:30PMDenis DwyerFielding LibraryTravel writer and biographer, Denis Dwyer, author of New Zealand on Foot, and New Zealand Adventures by Rail, and talks about his passion for note-book jotting while traveling.
Norman Bilbrough10 Monday04:00PM - 05:15PMNorman BilbroughFielding Library
Ethics To Consider When Using Other People's Anecdotes And Stories10 Monday05:30PM - 06:30PMRobyn AndrewsFielding LibrarySocial anthropologist, Dr Robyn Andrews looks at some of the issues of using hearsay, colourful episodes and anecdotes used by biographers, family historians, and memoirists, and how to plan to stay out of trouble down the line.
The Nature Of Love And War (Poetry Readings)10 Monday10:30 - 12:00VariousFielding LibraryThis Morning Tea poetry session at Feilding library will present a lineup of poets reading original poems on juxtaposed themes of love and war.
Festival Poetry Night At Murray's Irish Public House10 Monday06:30PM - 09:30PMCeol ManawatuMurray's FeildingBack by popular demand. A line-up of poets, a set or two of open mic, interspersed with acoustic music from Celtic inspired band, Ceol Manawatu.
Print-making Workshop11 Tuesday10:00 - 12:00PublicHomeprint StudioIntroduction to letterpress Printing for Poets
The Story Collector11 Tuesday10:30 - 11:30Adrienne JansenFielding LibraryAdrienne Jansen has been working with former refugees and resettled immigrants in the Wellington area, enabling them to tell their stories.
Changes In Children's Literature11 Tuesday12:00 - 01:00PMNorman BilbroughFielding LibraryNorman Bilbrough discusses changes in children’s literature.
Young Adult Novels - How Much Realism Can Young Adults Handle11 Tuesday04:30PM - 05:45PMPanelP.N. LibraryA panel of authors and young adult readers discuss whether young adult novels with elements of social realism, that young adults have to face, acceptable reading for libraries and schools? Is there a place for censorship? Does reading about social issues help or endanger young people? Can reading novels with realistic content be as bad as the news or social media?
What Are We Allowed To Laugh At?11 Tuesday06:00PM - 07:15PMDane GiraudP.N. LibraryComedic screenwriter, Dane Giraud teams up with local comedians in a discussion session about the woes of political correctness, bad language, black humour and whether satire is dead.
Alive And Kicking Poetry11 Tuesday08:30PM - 09:30PMVariousP.N. LibraryVigorous creativity lives in us all through the latter decades. This session is a celebration of seniority, with poetry readings and spoken word performance by people over the age of 65. Everybody welcome, of course.