Paul Thomas (born 1951) is a New Zealand novelist, journalist, sports biographer and scriptwriter. He won the Australian Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel in 1995 for Inside Dope.

Thomas was born in Harrogate, United Kingdom, and attended the University of Auckland.

Thomas’ novels are set primarily in Australia and New Zealand, and often also in France, where he spent several years in Toulouse. He is known for his humorous writing style, especially in the novels featuring Tito Ihaka, a Māori detective in Auckland. The Ihaka novels also draw a panoramic view of the contemporary society in Auckland.

While Thomas’ earlier work consists primarily of crime and sports novels, his recent books explore the psychological state-of-mind of middle-aged urban people at the beginning of the new century.

Inside Dope (German title: Transfer) and Dirty Laundry (Schmutzige Wäsche) have been translated and published in German.