Writing has the power to bring communities together.
Mosaic communities are enriched and nourished by people meeting, having fun and dialogue in a safe environment. This event offers an opportunity for all readers and writers – anyone with a passion or curiosity about the craft of writing, the arts and plain human interest to connect, enjoy time with authors and informative speakers.
The ethos of the Manawatu Writers’ Festival is for this event to be accessible and welcoming to people from all walks of life, from all our communities.
This writers’ festival is inclusive, educative and celebratory. The intention is to shift perceptions that a writers’ event is for the middle class ‘literary elite’.
The event provides a space for a vibrant ‘cross-pollination’ of inspiration, ideas, information, humour and encouragement. Shy writers hiding notes and poems in a drawer can listen and talk to established authors; readers, beginners, journalists, poets, academics and authors keen to stretch their creative horizons – all have the opportunity to join discussion sessions, seminars and workshops.